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Arti Gras! Celebration of Art and Spirit

Imagine…Creating Greater Love! 15th Annual Arti Gras!, February 14, 2015, Trinity Lutheran Seminary

Creativity is God’s expression in and through us. What better way to deepen your prayer life than to try art making as a spiritual practice? Arti Gras! Celebration of Art & Spirit provides a safe, judgment-free space to explore creativity and spirituality. We focus on the creative process rather than the finished product.

This event offers a wide range of possibilities for exploring the creative elements of the life journey, featuring a menu of mini-workshops that include art journaling, gentle dance/movement, simple sculpting, paint, mixed media, and collage. This is a grassroots, hands-on experience open to all. Children under the age of 16 are welcome if accompanied by an adult.

Preregistration is required. $40 prepaid, $55 at the door, includes all materials, lunch, and two raffle tickets. Groups of 6 or more receive reduced rate. Please call 614/228-8867 for details.

See class descriptions below. Register online here >

OR download, print, and mail the brochure to The Spirituality Network, 444 E Broad St, Columbus OH 43215.

Arti Gras! brochure (PDF) >

Praying with Ojo de Diós (God’s Eye): Hand Weaving led by Kathie Houchens (Session I )

We will explore briefly the history of the Huichol peoples of Western Mexico, their weaving techniques and spiritual application of the process. We will also look at Christine Valters Paintner’s book: Water, Wind, Earth & Fire: The Christian Practice of Praying with the Elements. The God’s eye is a symbol evoking the Mystery of Spirit. The four points represent the four elements: water, wind, earth, and fire. Work contemplatively making your own Ojo de Diós, with intentions suggested in Paintner’s book.

Re-Charging our Hearts with Divine Love: Watercolor led by Carol Phillips Whitt (Sessions I & II)

No experience necessary—in prayer or art—to participate in this workshop! If your spirits are low, or your prayers are worn out, please come and be energized! Creative solutions come to us when we FEEL ourselves as part of the Creative Divine. We will begin with a brief inspirational devotion to lift us into a “higher vibe” with Divine Love and Joy in our hearts. Then from this place, we will use watercolor paints to express our deepest prayers.

Tag Your Creativity—Mixed Media: Stamps, Ink, Paint, Collage led by Amy Flowers and Linda Watts (Sessions I, II, & III)

Make an accordion fold book of envelopes, ready to fill with creativity prompt tags inviting your artistic muse out to play! We’ll decorate envelopes and tags with paint, stamps, ink and more before building an easy book structure to contain your tags. Add art-inspired quotes and creativity tasks to the tags and slide them into envelope pages; pull tags out at random for a daily creative prompt!

Childlike Wonder on the Path of Love: Creative Movement & Play led by Donna Doone and Lisa Deak (Sessions I & III)

Rediscover the joy of childlike wonder that dwells within us all. Engage in prayerful, playful creative movement that can open the gate to the “playground of God.” This interactive session is suitable for all regardless of mobility issues.

Beauty in Brokenness: Paper “Quilting” led by Judy Johnson (Sessions I & III)

Too often, it’s easy to see the brokenness of our lives and be convinced that we are unable to help others. We are all, as Henri Nouwen put it, wounded healers. Using scraps of watercolor and cardstock (provided) we will create collage or quilt designs.

Their Finest Work: The Blessings of Maturity Contemplation led by John Holliger (Sessions II & III)

Using lovely music interwoven with readings and John Holliger’s beautiful photographs, this quiet session invites us to reflect on the wisdom and blessings of maturity.

Love Letters to Your Soul: Poetry/Mixed Media led by Bobbi Gill & Chris Widrig (Sessions II & III)

Create a small, handbound prayer journal with a variety of papers in a contemplative atmosphere and begin your journal using poetry and journal prompts that invite you to consider how infinitely you are loved.

Rhythm, Rhyme, and Prayer: Drumming and Chant led by Henrietta Andrews (Sessions II & III)

Using a variety of rhythm instruments and images provided from poetry we will tease out the rhythms, pulse, beats that reside within ourselves and in our world that can become prayer.

If you are interested in volunteering for this event, contact Amanda Cushing at The Spirituality Network, 614/228-8867.

Arti Gras! 2014 Photos
March 1, 2014, Trinity Lutheran Seminary
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